Job Objective:          

As a Recreation Manager, you will be responsible for the entire operations of the recreation facilities whilst optimizing the department budget and in compliance to the local legislation and Company standards. Your role will include but will not be limited to managing the entire Recreation Department which involves providing excellent experience to the Camp residents.

Duties and Responsibilities

Planning and implementing suitable training programs. It involves developing the participants’ physical and psychological fitness and providing the best possible practical conditions in order to maximize their performance.

Overall management of Staff recreation facilities and the recreation team in planning, organizing and arranging various games/competitions among the camp residents which includes Gym, Events, Indoor as well as outdoors games like Cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, Tennis, snooker, table football, air hockey, darts, juke box, chess etc.

Providing customer service though: interaction, assisting with spotting, educating participants on how to use equipment, and answering questions.

Organize and supervise regular fitness related activities and events to maximize members enjoyment / use of fitness centre and to keep ahead with our competition

Develop and maintain professionally safe and effective fitness procedures, programs and activities in the fitness centre and ensure proper fitness practice at all times

Provides guidance in proper exercise technique and variations of exercises to meet goals;

Assists member-clients in establishing effective fitness/wellness goals and develops the most effective training plan to achieve those goals;

Ensure the fitness area remain clean and organized.

Serve as a first responder in emergency situations and follow emergency protocols.

To apply for this job, kindly compile all the required documents and merge them together then send to us through email, whatsapp or through the website.

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